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Can pets die in Adopt me game ?

Getting your pet as an egg, watching it hatch and then grow as you take care and feed it has been the primary draw of Adopt me! The insanely popular online game on Roblox has thousands of players logging in to adopt, feed and then fuse their pets to “Neon” pets, with people even being allowed to exchange and buy pets of rare or even legendary status. But any player playing the game must’ve wondered, Can your pet die?. Well, if you’ve been too scared to find out, the answer is- Yes. Your pet can die , and in a lot more ways than you can think.

The primary way that your pet can die is due to your negligence, if you don’t feed your pet or if you play too rough. Players have even posted videos on YouTube after figuring out ways to drown their pets, talk about dark.

There have been players who’ve sold their pets to unsuspecting gamers only to steal
them back and then starve the said pet to death. All of this because of how competitive the game has become. The rarer your pet, the more you can sell it for. The rarest of pets can even fetch upto 100$, and no I’m not talking game money . The players on this super fun, social game take their pets and the status the pets bring very seriously. So it’s not very surprising to have players steal other pets only to try and find ways to kill them. The game got this boost in competitiveness after the game started bringing in thousands of players. The sharp increase in the number of players can be put squarely on the decision of the developers to add the option of adopting pets. The type of pet has also grown to a pretty interesting and fun range. While the game initially was about adopting “kids” on the online platform, the decision to adopt pets has clearly been a good one.

So players who already have a pretty advanced pet, some even have “mega- neon” pets, and want to make a quick buck or want some extra cash to purchase an item or barter something that you have in your inventory will make deals in exchange of their pets. The thing is after the deal is made if you aren’t too careful, you could end up having your pet kidnapped. While some may do it cuz well, it fun to bother noobs, there are others doing certain things cuz they won’t go to jail if they do it in the game. After all, people really are on their best behaviour online


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