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How to earn more MyPoints in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 has got players hooked up but there’s always this race to earn badges as fast as possible.It’s a time consuming job that’s gonna force you to spend hours and hours but there are still ways to farm them quickly and effectively.Here are some ways through which you can get your grind going.

Before you even start with your career,make sure your setting are optimal as the higher the difficulty, the more XP and progression with each game.Starting off pro would be the way to go but that’s stressful so the better option would to change to Hall Of Fame and changing the Quarter Length to 12 minutes.

What Are Badges?

Badges are an unique upgrade to your player where it can boost certain dimensions of the game.There are 3 levels of upgrade with badges that are gold,silver and bronze.


Throwing Lobs.The best team you can play is Lakers with 5-6 people who can catch them.For the techniques,ISO is your best shot and then getting screener and telling to him to roll over.Make a run for the baseline,when AD rolls over the lob.You’ll definitely get turnovers but they’re irrelevant.


Go for the elbow and make a call for ISO.Call for a screen from the SG.Majority of the time your guy will backout when the screener comes over for an open shot.If he doesn’t back off,move your stick in the direction of the screen to make the defender bump into the screener and proceed to take a shot.


The best you can do is take simple screens and find ways to score.Something like ‘contact dunks’ or even ‘euro step’ should do the job.Every variant of this will get you more XP but don’t repeat the same variant multiple times in a row otherwise you’ll stop getting XP so make sure to make changes.

Put on the full court experience and make a run for blocks,steals and good contest.This will speed up other teams and you’ll end up getting more offensive possessions,this will help you farming your badges even quicker.It’s a win-win situation for you as you’re ranking up your defence and you’re putting yourself in the position for more offensive possessions.

Make sure to do your practices.Even though they might get repetitive and boring,they’re definetly going to help in your progress for the badges.3-4 practices gets you coaching practice which will you get you double the amount of points and 13-15 practices get you legend practice which will get you thrice the points.


These are the best possible ways by which you can quickly farm your badges and get your builds up shortening your hours and hours of grind on NBA2K22.


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