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GeForce Experience Not Detecting GPU: How To Fix It

The recent Nvidia GPUs have significantly increased in terms of performance but faltered when it comes to power efficiency. Its 4000 series is a great example of that. However, Nvidia remains at the forefront of GPU technology while AMD comes somewhat behind. And with Intel marking its debut with the Arc series, which wasn’t exactly a hit, things are going to be interesting in the upcoming years.

If you have been using Nvidia GPUs then its companion app, GeForce Experience, will be no stranger to you. This software has been great in patching and optimizing Nvidia GPU hardware since its launch in 2013. And while it continues delivering good things, it does have its problems. One of those is the app not detecting GPU properly. So, can this issue be fixed? Well, let’s find out!!

GeForce Experience Not Detecting GPU: How To Fix It

GeForce Experience Not Detecting GPU: How To Fix It

There are many fixes available so it’s better to follow them one by one and check.

Ensure that GPU is properly plugged in –

First of all, before you do anything software related, you need to check your hardware. If you are seeing a notification regarding the GPU not being detected by your PC, check if it is rightly plugged into the motherboard. This can save you from the hassle of messing with the software side of things.

Install the latest graphic drivers –

Now that you have checked the hardware, it’s time for the software side of things. What you can now do is install the latest graphic drivers available, which will hopefully fix your issue. To download it, you can head over to the official Nvidia website or just do it through the GeForce Experience app.

Update your Windows –

If updating the graphics driver doesn’t work, then next should be Windows. To update your windows, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. If an update is available it will start to download.

Update your BIOS –

Before you do this one, it is recommended that you have your files backed up. Updating BIOS can be risky if something goes wrong. If you still want to update BIOS, open the Run window and press Ctrl + R. Next, enter msinfo32 and look for the BIOS version. After that, head over to the manufacturer’s website to see if a new version is available. If yes, download it and install it.

Install the latest version of the app –

The GeForce Experience application might also be at fault here. An outdated one will have problems detecting your GPU, so it’s a good idea to install the latest version. You can go to Nvidia’s official website to download the newest version of the app.

We hope that this article has helped you in solving the GeForce Experience not detecting GPU issue. If you are facing the 0x0003 error in Geforce Experience, check out this article. Bookmark us to know the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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