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How to play Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Split Screen with two players?

Booting up a game with split-screen offers a different kind of experience when you’re hanging out with your friend and want to play some games. Call of Duty is one of those franchises that was notorious for split-screen implementation from earlier games to the new COD Vanguard. Sledgehammer Games intend on preserving the legacy with Split Screen. If you want to play a few matches with your friend on Call of Duty Vanguard with the Split Screen enabled. Read on more to know how to set up online matches in the popular battle royale game with split-screen enabled.

Call of Duty Vanguard split screen

How to play Call of Duty Vanguard in Split Screen!

Setting up a split-screen in Call of Duty Vanguard is not very complicated and requires very few simple steps to do so. All you have to do is create another account to play in Split Screen. Follow the necessary steps to create a new account.

  • Press the PS button on your PS5 controller¬† and go to “my profile”
  • Then select “Switch Users”, you’ll see your account or several if you’ve made more.
  • Select “Add User” and verify the e-mail address and password and link it to the PlayStation network.

Call of Duty vanguard mic issues

Assign your second controller to the new account.

Now that you’re done creating a second account, you can use your second PS5 controller with the new account you just created. You can assign that controller to your second account, to do so.

  • Press the PS button and turn on your controller
  • You’ll be prompted with “Who’s using this controller” select the account your second controller is assigned to.
  • After that, it’ll ask for your PS5 login passcode. Enter the passcode. You’ll see your second controller on the upper ride side of the screen.
  • After a minute or two, you’ll see an option that says “Player 2 press X to join split-screen”

Once you’re in the multiplayer menu with your first controller with the main account. Press X and you’ll be directed to the acknowledgement and privacy policy page. Press R1 until you reach the Activision account summary page. Select OK, and then you’ll come across two-factor authentication. You can do so if you wish to, otherwise select “Not Now” and that’s it. Now you can play many matches in Call of Duty Vanguard with the split-screen enabled and have fun blasting your opponents. We hope that you find this article helpful. Stay tuned for more updates at Vabsaga.



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