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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dinosaurs & Roster List so far

For dinosaur lovers, Jurassic park evolution is one of the immersive dinosaur simulations ever. Be it it’s an incredible roster of Dinosaurs, original stories, or features that were seen in Jurassic Park movies. The game will showcase many species of Dinosaurs from the movie in Jurrasic World Evolution 2. Along with brand new features that’ll leave the fans satisfied such as newer locations, underwater creatures, and in-depth customization that’ll leave you speechless. Also along with Dinosaurs, players will have the ability to create a custom dream park in multiple locations. Consisting of dense forests to scorched deserts. What’s more, the sequel of the most anticipated title Jurassic World Evolution will feature more than 75 species of Dinosaurs. How they behave in the presence of each other, their unique traits and behavior. Speaking of Dinosaurs here’s what we’ve compiled about Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dinosaurs & Roster List and what species you’ll likely face off at the start.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 release date


The plot of Jurassic Park evolution 2

The game will feature notable characters from the movie that’ll lead players in their goals such as Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). Set after the events of Fallen Kingdom, players’ objectives will be to capture, conserve and contain wild dinosaurs, and offer their assistance to the Department of Wildlife and Fish to control. It will also come with Chaos mode that’ll allow you to witness key moments in Jurassic Park history. There’s an element of surprise too, as they’ll also feature “what if” scenarios that’ll let you on unpredictable elements of the story.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dinosaurs & Roster List

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will feature more than 75 different prehistoric species that’ll be available in the game. Including new flying types and marine reptiles. Along with fan-favorite Dinosaur. That’ll let players choose from a roster of dinosaurs and enjoy the game at the same time.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Dinosaurs & Roster List

Currently here’s all the Dinosaurs that are planned for Jurassic World Evolution 2 and who are finalized as returning fan favorites dinosaurs.


Acrocanthosaurus (Confirmed)
Apatosaurus (Confirmed)
Albertosaurus (Confirmed)
Allosaurus (Confirmed)
Ankylosaurus (Confirmed)
Archeornithomimus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Baryonyx (Confirmed)
Brachiosaurus (Confirmed)
Camarasaurus (Confirmed)
Charcharadontosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Ceratosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Compsognathus (Confirmed)
Corythosaurus (Confirmed)
Carnotaurus (Confirmed)
Chasmosaurus (Confirmed)
Chritonsaurus (Confirmed)
Chungkingosaurus (Confirmed)
Dienonychus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Dilophosaurus (Confirmed)
Diplodocus (Confirmed)
Dracorex (Confirmed)
Dreadnaughtus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Dryosaurus (Confirmed)
Edmontosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Euoplocephalus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Gallimimus (Confirmed)
Giganotosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Gigantspinosaurus (Confirmed)
Herrerasaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Homalocephale (Confirmed) [NEW]
Huayangosaurus (Confirmed) |Deluxe Edition|
Iguanodon (Confirmed) [NEW]
Indominous Rex (Confirmed)
Indoraptor (Confirmed) [NEW]
Kentrosaurus (Confirmed)
Maiasaura (Confirmed)
Majungasaurus (Confirmed)
Mamenchisaurus (Confirmed)
Metriocanthosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Muttaburrasaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Natsutoceratops (Confirmed)
Nigersaurus (Confirmed)
Nodosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Olorotitian (Confirmed) [NEW]
Oronosaurus (Plausible)
Pachycephlasaurus (Confirmed)
Parasaurolophus (Confirmed)
Pentaceratops (Confirmed) [NEW]
Polacanthus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Proceratosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Pteranodon (Confirmed)
Saueopelta (Confirmed) [NEW]
Sinoceratops (Confirmed) [NEW]
Spinosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Stegosaurus (Confirmed)
Struthiomimus (Confirmed)
Stygimoloch (Confirmed) [NEW]
Suchomimus (Confirmed)
Torosaurus (Comfirmed)
Triceratops (Confirmed)
Tsintaosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Troodon (Confirmed)
Tyrannosaurus (Confirmed)
Velociraptor (Confirmed)


Amargasaurus (Confirmed)
Attenborosaurus (Confirmed) |Deluxe Edition|
Dimorphodon (Confirmed)
Ceolophysis (Confirmed)
Ceradactylus (Confirmed)
Cryolophosaurus (Confirmed [NEW]
Elasmosaurus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Geosternbergia (Confirmed) |Deluxe Edition|
Icthyosaurus (Confirmed)
Leopluradon (Confirmed) [NEW]
Maaradauctylus (Confirmed) [NEW]
Megalosaurus (Confirmed) |Deluxe Edition|
Mosasaurus (Confirmed)
Pachyrhinosaurus (Confirmed) |Deluxe Edition|
Plesiosaurus (Confirmed)
Qianzhousaurus (Confirmed)
Tapajara (Confirmed) [NEW]
Tropeognathus (Confirmed)
Tylosaurus (Confirmed

Another promising and coolest feature in Jurassic World Evolution 2 is that it lets you use Bioengineering to customize their dinosaurs with vivid colors and patterns. You can also alter their genomes to unlock unique traits that’ll determine how they behave.

We’ll continue to update the list as the game announces more prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs, or any other details of the game.



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