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Sims 4: When Is The Next Sims 4 Sale In 2021?

The Sims 4 is the latest edition of the popular open-world game, published by Electronic Arts. As a life simulation game series, The Sims has featured on various platforms, including mobile phones (before the advent of modern day smartphones). The latest edition, Sims 4 has been able to maintain its popularity since its launch, back in 2014. Maintaining popularity for a time period like 7 years is not an easy thing. But The Sims as a video game series has been able to continue keeping up with the trends. From the characters to new households and bundles, there are so many things to look out for in the game. A major way The Sims series has been to maintain its popularity is by bringing out sales. These sales (like commercial sales you get to see in the online and offline markets), help people to buy The Sims 4 or the bundles at a significantly reduced price.

Hence you might always look for the upcoming sale. But when is it coming back? Read this article where you can find all the details.

Sims 4: Next Sale

Recently, Sims 4 had a sale, that started from 23rd of July. In the sale, people were able to save a lot, with the discounts. During the sale:

  • The Sims 4 Base Game had a 75% discount.
  • The Expansion Packs had a discount of 50% (Excluding the Cottage Living pack)
  • Both the Game Packs and the Stuff Packs had a discount of 25% each, respectively.

This discount was available on Steam. The sale lasted till the 2nd of August. As of now, there are no official dates announced regarding the next Sims 4 sale. But looking at the trend of sales, there’s a chance that the next sale would take place around the first to third week of September. But if there’s any official announcement regarding the next sale, you can get the update here at VabSaga.


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