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Subnautica Below Zero: Best Location To Build Base

As an open-world survival game, Subnautica Below Zero has gone to lengths to ensure there are lots of locations for players to explore. However, with all the tools and materials needed, you will need a place to return to at the end of a tour, search, or scouting and that is your base. If you have been seeking info on the best location to build a base in Subnautica Below Zero, we have some handy locations for you to choose from.

Subnautica Below Zero: Best Location To Build Base
Subnautica Below Zero: Best Location To Build Base

There’s no one size fits all answer as to the perfect location to build your base in the game. Most Subnautica Below Zero players have long since realized it is best to choose a base location based on the objectives they intend to achieve. That being said, let’s discuss the locations most players prefer.

Subnautica Below Zero: Best Location To Build Base

There are several good locations to build your base but when considering utility, these come highly recommended.

1) Kelp Forest

This location has a diverse biome due to the wide range of flora and fauna in it. The peculiar green tint in the water suggests the presence of an ever-increasing food source. Also, there is more than average sunlight presence, so your solar-powered tools will always be optimally charged. Going further into the forest, you will find large deposits of metal salvages you can use to craft tools. However, it is not paradise as there are Stalkers and Hoverfish living there as well.

2) Floating Island

Unlike the Kelp Forest, there are no major predators here and that should be enough reason to set up a base. The temperature is well-regulated and there is an abundance of edible plants. However, there is a noticeable lack of much-needed resources. That is why we recommend you move your valuables here before setting up the base.

3) Jellyshroom Cave

Before anything, be careful of the Crabsnakes that roam this area. Besides that, Jellyshroom Cave is an awesome place to set up a base. There are large deposits of Lithium, Diamond, Gold, and Magnetite. Thermal power generators will do great here, and there is the beautiful scenery to enjoy as a bonus.

4) The Twisty Bridges

This location is near the floating Alterra tech not far from the drop pod. It boasts a large presence of ribbon plants and many other important materials. Building a base here will ensure you don’t go too far searching for and valuable resources.

5) Purple Vents

One sure thing about this location is you won’t ever have to worry about geothermal power. There is also an abundance of sulfur plants from which you can obtain crystalline sulfur.

Choose which best suits your objective and build away. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates.


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