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Adopt Me Mythic Egg Update All Pets List, Rarity, Price, Worth & More

For pet lovers in Roblox, Adopt Me has always been a must-try game. The game has been one of the most popular Roblox games out there, popularizing the online game making interface. Therefore, the game comes up with a range of updates. The majority of these updates are based on bringing new pets (and even removing some old ones). After quite the anticipation, the Mythic Egg is here, and fans cannot wait. Are you also one of them? What can you expect out of the Mythic Egg? What are the pets that you can get out of the Mythic Egg? Read this article where we mention all the details about the Mythic Egg for you.

Adopt Me: Mythic Egg

After quite the anticipation, the Mythic Egg is finally here. The limited legendary egg was released in Adopt Me on the 19th of August. It replaced the Ocean egg. With this, the Mythic Egg, therefore, became the tenth limited egg, joining a list that comprised of

  • Blue Egg
  • Pink Egg
  • Safari Egg
  • Jingle Egg
  • Farm Egg
  • Christmas Egg
  • Aussie Egg
  • Fossil Egg
  • Ocean Egg

Pet List

Adopt Me brought quite the egg for the fans with the Mythic Egg update. A major update will be the list of pets to look out for. The Mythic Egg has got quite the pets waiting for you.

Wolpertinger (Rarity: Common)
Kirin (Rarity: Uncommon)
Merhorse (Rarity: Rare)
Sasquatch (Rarity: Rare)
Hydra (Rarity: Ultra-Rare)
Wyvern (Rarity: Ultra-Rare)
Phoenix (Rarity: Legendary)
Goldhorn (Rarity: Legendary)

Looking at the rarity chances, the chances of you getting the following pet are

Common 22%
Uncommon 19%
Rare 34%
Ultra-Rare 20%
Legendary 5%
Mythic Egg: Price

The Mythic Egg is waiting for you. In terms of price, the Mythic Egg is set at a price of 750 Robux. If you are planning to get the Mythic Egg, head towards the Gumball Machine in the nursery. You can also get hands-on the Mythic Egg via trading. After buying this egg, you will notice an interesting thing. Your Mythic Egg would follow you everywhere and rolls forward, following your direction. This continues before the pet inside hatches out.

These are all the updates we got for you regarding the Mythic Egg in Adopt Me.


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