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Adopt Me Pet Value List for November 2021

Uplift Games developed Adopt Me!. It is a Roblox game that  focuses on hatching eggs to adopt and care for a range of virtual pets. There are five main types of virtual pets: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary.

Players may level up their pets by providing them with considerable care, which allows them to develop from a Newborn status -> junior ->  pre-teen ->  teen, post-teen -> full-grown status. Players may produce a neon pet by combining four full-grown pets, or a gigantic neon pet by combining four full-grown neon pets.

Adopt me Roblox
Adopt me Roblox

Adopt me! Pet Value list:

To consider which pets to allot resources to, here is a list of Adopt Me! pets up till November 2021:


Number Event
1 Scoob
2 Pumpkin (Pet)
3 Pet Rock
4 2D Kitty
5 Chick

Event pets are limited edition pets that can only be availed though occasional events. These can be attained for free if you log in during specific events or through completion of specific min games. These are usually temporary pets for the duration of the event. Each event has their own criteria. These pets cannot be traded, therefore, attaining a certain quality of value.

Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Buffalo Blue Dog Beaver Flamingo Dragon
Cat Chocolate Labrador Rabbit Horse Giraffe
Otter Pink Cat Hyena Red Panda Unicorn
Dog Fennec Fox Elephant Lion Griffin
Chicken Puma Bunny Shiba Inu Golden Penguin
Robin Snow Cat Snow Puma Penguin Parrot
Bandicoot Meerkat Brown Bear Crocodile Shadow Dragon
Chick Wild Boar Australian Kelpie Platypus Bat Dragon
Tasmanian Tiger Black Panther Cow Sloth King Bee
Ground Sloth Capybara Pig Zombie Buffalo Queen Bee
Stingray Silly Duck Swan Bee R Owl
Wolpertinger Drake Polar Bear Turkey Crow
Wolf Reindeer Llama Frost Dragon
Dingo Shrew Arctic Fox Arctic Reindeer
Pet Rock Rat Hedgehog Turtle
Triceratops Emu Dalmatian Kangaroo
Stegosaurus Monkey Panda Golden Unicorn
Glyptodon Rhino Koala Golden Griffin
Bat Woolly Mammoth Frog Golden Dragon
Snowman C Dilophosaurus Ginger Cat Diamond Unicorn
Crab Pterodactyl Toucan Diamond Griffin
Dolphin Musk Ox Starfish Diamond Dragon
2021 Uplift Butterfly Lynx Business Monkey Albino Monkey
Kirin Ox Toy Monkey Monkey King
Halloween Black Mummy Cat Narwhal Sabertooth Ninja Monkey
Halloween Blue Scorpion Seahorse Deinonychus Kitsune
Merhorse Albino Bat Evil Unicorn
Sasquatch Ghost Bunny Golden Rat
Halloween Evil Dachshund Yeti C Dodo
Halloween White Mummy Cat Lunar Ox T-Rex
Ladybug Skele-Rex
Clownfish Cerberus
Lamb Robo Dog
Red Squirrel Snow Owl
Hydra Frost Fury
Wyvern Guardian Lion
Halloween White Skeleton Dog Metal Ox
Golden Ladybug
Diamond Ladybug
Halloween Golden Mummy Cat
Halloween White Ghost Dragon

These are the pets of various rarities in Adopt Me till November 2021. The value of the pets may not solely depend on the rarity entirely but also the availability of these pets. Some of which are Event exclusive pets.


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