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How to fast travel in Forza Horizon 5 for Free

Forza Horizon 5 has implemented a huge map based on Mexico. The map stretches to a total of 107 Square Kilometers, which is 1.5x larger than Forza Horizon 4. To commute from one location to another, it may require quite some time, especially if you are traveling across the map. The game offers a little bit of everything to those who go into the vast, wide landscapes of virtual Mexico, from regulated circuits to street racing to evading dust storms. Some of these events may be time limited and traveling to those locations might be time consuming. Even if it is not a limited time event, traveling to these locations feels like a chore after a while.

Unlocking Fast travel feature:

To overcome this, players require to unlock the Fast travel feature. For this you need to unlock Horizon Adventure and buy a house.

  1. You need to earn Accolade Points to get a Horizon Adventure Chapter. This allows you to unlock a new activity from a selection across the different event series.
  2. Use on of your Unlocks to unlock the Street Racing Scene.

    Forza Horizon 5 Racing scene
    Forza Horizon 5 Racing scene
  3. Complete the Guanajuato expedition. This will help to unlock a new outpost on the map and populate the map with alot of new events (Street Races).
    Forza Horizon 5 Guanajuato expedition.
    Forza Horizon 5 Guanajuato expedition.

    Forza Horizon 5 House
    Forza Horizon 5 House – BUENAS VISTAS
  4. This will most importantly unlock a house – BUENAS VISTAS – which can be bought for 2 million Credits. However, if you pre-ordered the game with the special perks, you can get a few houses for free.
  5. Accumulate enough credits to purchase this property and this will unlock the Fast Travel Feature.

Availing Fast travel for Free:

  1. Initially when you unlock Fast travel, it will cost you 10,000 Credits each time you utilize the feature.
  2. To travel you just need to open the map and select the location you want and press X or whatever the designated button you have mapped on your PC.
  3. Players have to locate and break all 50 of the Fast Travel Boards to avail free fast travel at the end. Each smashed Fast Travel Board lowers the price of open-world fast travel by 200 credits. It’s a good idea to make sure to break any of the fast travel boards you come across.
  4. On the map, fast travel boards are indicated by a purple icon with a lightning symbol. These points cannot be used for fast travel, they just indicate the fast travel boards.

    Forza Horizon 5 fast travel boards
    Forza Horizon 5 fast travel boards

By following all these steps, one can travel to any of the locations on the map immediately for Free. It is advisable to complete this initially so make future progression more convenient and quicker.


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