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Is Roblox removing R6 (2022)?

As new the leak about Roblox removing R6 surfaced on the internet, Roblox players are getting worried over the fact that their favorite R6 rig might actually be removed from the game. But, is this information true or just a leak to create chaos among the community? Well, continue reading this article if you are interested to know whether Roblox is removing R6.

Before heading into the details, let’s first get familiar with what R6 actually is in Roblox. R6 is Roblox’s default animation rig for their characters. The 6 in R6 refers to the 6 body parts that a player can customize. The parts include- a torso, two legs, two arms, and a head. Players can customize these parts individually to make their avatar unique. However, Roblox devs included another animation rig named R15 that features 15 different parts. This model was released to the public back in 2016 and players can change their animation rig to R15 using the configuration settings available in the Experience Tab. However, upon its release, it was received with negative reception. Roblox players still use the R6 animation rig, but, a recent leak suggested the fact that the original R6 animation rig might be removed from the game. Some animation packages and body scales in Roblox are not compatible with the R6 avatars which may be the reason behind such leaks. This has led to confusion in the Roblox community, which is why we have featured this article to clear all the doubts. So, without any more ado, let’s discuss the main focus of this article.


Is Roblox removing R6 (2022)?

The simple answer to this question is No, Roblox is not removing R6 from their settings. According to various sources, Roblox is likely to remove the available option of choosing the avatar’s body instead of a single avatar that players can configure as the R6 or R15 avatars. This can be a good thing for Roblox players but due to the absence of credible information from the devs, we are unable to provide any more details regarding this. However, rest assured as the R6 rig is not going anywhere.

If we get additional information regarding the removal of the R6 model in Roblox by the devs, we will update this article at the earliest. Till then, make sure to visit Vabsaga for your daily dose of gaming news.


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