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Pokemon Unite Ditto Release Date & Launch Status: When It Will Be Available

Pokemon Unite is an example to showcase that Pokemon has been spanning across generations. The franchise has been able to keep up its popularity in various ways. From TV shows to collection cards, Pokemon has entered the gaming world. Mobile gamers since 2016 are familiar with Pokemon Go. For Nintendo Switch players, the Pokemon Unite has been an exciting release in July 2021, as the game is exclusively available for them. But mobile gamers in Android and iOS are soon going to have their versions available around September. With squad building being an important task, people often look out for the best Pokemon. In this case, a powerful Pokemon you might have considered is Ditto. But when is it coming out? Read this article to find out all the details.

Pokemon Unite: Ditto

Ditto, as the name suggests, is a master of copying. By copying, we mean to say that it can copy any Pokemon, and all its skill. From Pikachu’s look and Thunderbolt attack to Bulbasaur’s look and its Vine Whip & Power Whip. That’s how dangerous the Ditto can be. This comes especially looking at how the Pokemon can change itself into a different Pokemon, that trainers find it extremely difficult to almost impossible to figure out Ditto. The Pokemon often uses this technique as its method to avoid getting caught.

The Transforming Pokemon is a master of copy, hence all of its skills (from Attack to Defence and Healing) lie at the same level. As much as it sounds a bit surprising, Ditto’s biggest weakness is fighting. The Pokemon has got excellent replication skills, where it is almost impossible to differentiate it from the original. But when the Ditto tries to fight a Pokemon in a battle, it changes itself into the same Pokemon. This is where the original Pokemon (which the Ditto copies) can have an extra edge. But at the same time, Ditto has got the flexibility of changing into any Pokemon of its choice. It surely is a smart Pokemon you would like to add to bolster your squad.

Ditto Release Date

As of now, TiMi Studio Group and the Pokemon Unite franchise have not announced any date for the official release of Ditto. But when this transforming Pokemon gets a release date, you can get the updates instantly at VabSaga.


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