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Pokemon Unite Magikarp Release Date & Launch Status: When It Will Be Available

Pokemon Unite is getting more popular every single day. You might have a particular memory associated with the Pokemon franchise. At times, you might even have a particular memory with a Pokemon. Along with this, you will also get to see how different people have a different Pokemon to go for when it comes to battle. There are some popular choices people go for, like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Pikachu. But at times, you can also use an unpopular Pokemon, and use its skill to the fullest, inflicting heavy damage on your opponent. If you are into aquatic Pokemon, then you will be familiar with Magikarp. But what is the scenario of Magikarp’s arrival in Pokemon Unite? Read this article to find out the details.

Pokemon Unite: Magikarp

The giant fish Pokemon is popular for quite some reasons. For some, it is the “Magi Karp Karp” noise. For others, it is the Team Rocket submarine, which they use for missions. Even Misty had her frustration with her Magikarp, as it was always found lost. But an instant game-changer is when the innocent and docile Magikarp evolves into the magnificent Gyarados.

But the Speedster Pokemon might not be the best Pokemon for consideration. The max this Water-type Pokemon can do is Splash and go for its special Swift Swim. Magikarp would not be a good option, especially if your opponent comes under the category of Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. But despite not being one of the best Pokemon, many people simply like the Magikarp and would like to add it to their roster.

Magikarp Release Date

To date, Magikarp has received no official announcement regarding its arrival and addition to the Pokemon Unite roster by TiMi Studio Group. But if there’s any update regarding Magikarp’s arrival, or any official release date it receives, you can catch it up instantly at VabSaga.


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