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Pokemon Unite Lugia Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Gotta catch ’em all! That has been the motto for a lot of people out there, who can associate their childhood with Pokemon. The franchise has withstood the test of time and brings out new ways to keep it interactive with the futuristic generation. Therefore, you will get to see popular games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite coming up. The latest addition in the gaming world of Pokemon is the Pokemon Unite. Currently, the game is only available for Nintendo Switch players. But mobile gamers will soon get their editions, coming out for Android and iOS. The battles get more intense as the game rolls out updates, bringing new Pokemon and modifying stats. Hence, as a result, you might look forward to adding some Pokemon to your roster. A great addition would be Lugia. In this article, therefore, you can find all the details and updates regarding Lugia and its arrival in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite: Lugia

Ferocious, humongous would be some words we can go for the magnificent Lugia, which stands at 17 feet. The Flying Pokemon is also a Psychic and can destroy the environment around it in seconds. All it needs to do is a light fluttering of its wings. Luckily enough for you, Lugia prefers to live in the deep sea, staying out of mankind’s sight. In a Pokemon battle, Lugia might turn out to be a great fighter against Ghost Dark, Electric, Ice and Rock Pokemon.

The highly Defensive Pokemon has got powerful Defense and Special Defense skills. Along with this, wait for Lugia to show what it has got with the Aeroblast. The damage it can inflict on the opponent is therefore a great example of what a powerful addition Lugia can be to your Pokemon Unite squad. Unfortunately, there has been no official date set by TiMi Studios regarding the arrival of Lugia in Pokemon Unite. Whenever we get an update regarding Lugia in Pokemon Unite, you can get the update here.


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