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Pokemon Unite Rayquaza Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

Welcome to the Pokemon Unite series, where you can get all the latest updates on the Nintendo exclusive game. Unite came out in July 2021, but mobile gamers can soon get to access their versions in Android and iOS. The franchise of Pokemon is taking it to the future, catering for the coming generations with games, that come with portability. You might have a particular memory with the Pokemon franchise, and with the help of Pokemon Unite, you can re-live the nostalgic moments. Therefore in the game, when you battle it out, it is important to have the best of Pokemon. You can consider the addition of Rayquaza to your Pokemon roster. Henceforth, you can check out all the details of Rayquaza and its arrival, with this article.

Pokemon Unite: Rayquaza

The vibe Rayquaza gives can be spine tickling for the trainer and the Pokemon which is going to face the Attacking Pokemon in the battleground. Therefore, the addition of Rayquaza can give a different touch to your roster. A simple reason can be its special move: Air Lock. Let the effects of the weather disappear in seconds, as the Rayquaza is ready to make the move and charge on its opponent. Rayquaza has got a high Attacking rate. Both its Attack and Special Attack can be quite damaging for its opponent. But the Dragon and the Flying-type Pokemon would not be a good option against Fair, Ice, Rock and a fellow Dragon-type Pokemon. Another counter move the Rayquaza can go for is the Cloud Nine.

With this, the real question is the arrival of Rayquaza in the Pokemon Unite family. As it stands, Rayquaza is yet to receive an official announcement, regarding its arrival in the Pokemon roster. Therefore, if you are looking forward to training with Rayquaza for Pokemon battles you need to wait for some time. If there’s any update or information regarding the coming of Rayquaza, you will get the update here at VabSaga.


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