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PS5 error e2-80ec004a: How to fix it?

Every console comes with its own set of errors. This is not to say that the developers and QA testers don’t look out for such things. But software being software, errors are impossible to get rid of. The PlayStation and its newest hardware – PS5, have a myriad of such errors. Since its release in 2019, Sony has been diligent in providing support for these errors but not all can be fixed completely. One of those unavoidable errors is e2-80ec004a.

Now we are not going to get behind the history or talk about Sony’s bug naming conventions right now. That e2 error is one of PS5’s general error codes. And like most general errors, the reason around it are many. From internet connectivity to game issues, we can’t pinpoint a specific cause for such types of errors. However, we have created this guide to help you with fixing it, in case you encounter them or have already.

PS5 Error e2-80ec004a: How To Fix It?

PS5 error e2-80ec004a: How to fix it?

Start the console in Safe Mode –

So what is Safe Mode? Will you lose your progress and data?? Well, no need to panic there. Safe mode as the name itself suggests allows you to start the console in a “safe” environment, i.e, with only basic required functions active and nothing else. And no you will not lose any progress or data.

To start the process, turn off your PS5. Next, press the power button for seven seconds. Wait for the second beep, which you will hear after those seven seconds. Get your controller and connect it to the console with its USB cable. Lastly, click on the PS button. Congratulations, you have started the PS5 in safe mode.

Rebuild the console database –

To do this, follow the previous step. Once you are in safe mode, click on the “Rebuild Database” option. Let the console complete the process. After it’s done, try using your console and see if the issues are still there.

Reset the console –

Before you do anything, we would like to warn you that this fix in particular should be done only when you are ok with the idea of resetting. Doing this will erase all your data, including your games and progress. Although you can back up your data if you so desire.
In case you want to go ahead with this step, open Settings on your console. Navigate to System > System Software. You will notice the Reset PS5 option. Select it. The PS5 will now reset.

Reinstall your game –

If you are facing this issue with only one game in particular, you can reinstall it. First, we need to uninstall or delete that game, which you can do by going to Settings > Storage. Navigate to Game and Apps. Look for the game which you are facing the issue with and delete it. Now that we have removed it from the console, redownload it and install it.

Update your PS5 –

Outdated software will most likely lead to an error. This is why console companies, i.e, Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo release software updates regularly to fix any errors and keep the system in top-notch condition software-wise.
To update your PS5, head to Settings > System. Click on the System Software option and select System Software update > Update System Software. Make sure you have your Internet connection properly working as the update requires you to be online.

Restart the console –

To restart the PS5, press the power button for three seconds and let it turn off. Once done, unplug from the socket. Wait for one-three minutes and then plug the console back in. Turn it on and use it.

Reconnect your internet connection –

Bad internet connectivity can also lead to the console showing this error. If you are using wifi, turn your router off and switch it back on. And if you have the ethernet cable connected, try using another one to connect to your console.

We hope that this guide has helped you in fixing the e2-80ec004a error on your PS5. If you want to know about keyboard support for PUBG on PS5 and other consoles, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech Game on!!


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