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PS5 LAN cable not connected or disconnected error (2023): How to fix it

If your PS5 is showing the LAN cable not connected or disconnected error, you are not alone. Ever since the console saw its release in 2020, users have been reporting this issue. Now, this is not a common error but it still occurs on quite a few occasions. Luckily like most errors, it is fixable.

So, why does this particular issue happen?? Well, it mostly occurs when the PS5 is not able to connect to the internet. It can also be due to the console software or the router. And so here is a guide to help you in fixing this error. Try not to skip the fixes in the guide and make sure to follow them one by one.

PS5 LAN cable not connected or disconnected error (2022): How to fix it

PS5 LAN cable not connected or disconnected error (2022): How to fix it

Update the system software –

One major reason why the PS5 might be showing this error could be due to your console not being updated to the latest version. If it remains outdated, the PS5 will start having stability issues and overall performance will go down. To update the console, go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings. Next, you will notice an Update System Software option. Select it and let the console update.

Restart your router and use another cable –

Users can also try restarting their router. Just turn it off, remove the main plug from the wall socket and wait a minute or two to plug it back in. Another thing they can try is to use a different ethernet cable. By doing this, it becomes easy to know if the problem is with the cable itself or the router.

Restart in Safe Mode –

The Safe Mode feature lets you start your PS5 with only basic functions active. To enter Safe Mode, switch off the PS5, then press the power button for seven seconds. Once you hear a second beep, connect the PS5 controller to the console using a USB cable. Then press the PS button on it. You will enter Safe Mode. From the options in front of you, select Restart PS5.

Clear Cache and Rebuild Database –

To use this method we would need to first enter Safe Mode. Just follow Fix #3 until you encounter the options menu. When you see the options, navigate to Option 5 titled – Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. Select it and let the process complete. Don’t worry all your data will be safe during this process.

Restore the console to its default Settings –

Once again you would need to boot the console in Safe Mode. After you do so and see the seven options presented, select the fourth one – Restore Default Settings. Confirm it and wait. As suggested by the title itself, once you do this, it will revert the PS5 to its default settings.

We hope that this guide has helped you in solving the LAN cable not connected or disconnected error. If your PS5 is not accepting discs, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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