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PS5 not connecting to 5ghz WiFi: How to fix it

Even though consoles are solely developed for gaming, they still are riddled with bugs and errors. The complex tech around them with each passing generation also hasn’t helped much in this regard. Sony’s new PlayStation 5 launched with much more powerful hardware, promising better performance for its users. And this new iteration of PlayStation also comes with the usual and some new issues. One of which is the console not connecting to 5GHz Wi-fi.

Now, this particular issue is not limited to the PS5 itself. The problem can also lie with your router. And so we have prepared this guide to help you with this particular issue. One major thing to note before you follow this guide is to try these methods one by one, instead of skipping. This will help you not make simple mistakes and not get confused.

PS5 not connecting to 5ghz WiFi: How to fix it

PS5 not connecting to 5ghz WiFi: How to fix it

Ensure that all the basic requirements are met –

Before we deal with other complicated stuff it is important to check if you have the basic things necessary to connect the console to the Wi-Fi. This includes ensuring that you have typed in the correct password, the router is plugged in correctly, and an active internet connection. Doing the basics will at least save you from the hassle of worrying constantly about such things.

Restart the router and the console –

Now it may be a simple fix, but it has proven to be quite an effective one. Simply switch off the router, then unplug it from the socket. Wait for a good minute or two. Plug back the router and turn it on. Do the same process with the PS5 too.

Adjust the router properly –

Wi-fi signals heavily depend upon the router’s location. Ensure that your router is in the same room as the PS5. Also, don’t set up your router on the ground. Rather place it somewhere high as it helps in massively improving the signal output. In case your router has antennas, try adjusting them a bit and see if the PS5 connects.

Set the console frequency to 5GHz –

If you haven’t tinkered much with the PS5, then it might have its wifi frequency bands set to automatic. You can easily change that to 5GHz. Open Settings on your console and navigate to Network. You will notice two options – Connection Status and Settings. Click on Settings. Next, choose Set Up Internet Connection. Look for your Network in the menu presented. Select it and press Options. Under Scan Networks, you will see Wi-FI Frequency Bands set to Automatic. Change it to 5GHz.

Update the console –

Keep your console updated at all times if you don’t want to face such issues. To update your PS5, go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings. Click on the Update System Software section. Let the PS5 download the update.

Reset the router –

Do this only as a last resort option. Resetting the router will revert it to its original default settings. Furthermore, you will also need to set up it all over again.

Switch to a new router –

If resetting the router also doesn’t work then it can be an issue with the router itself. Unfortunately in this case, you would need to replace your current router with a new one. Once you get a new router, try connecting it to the console and see if the issue persists.

We hope that this guide has helped you in connecting your PS5 to 5GHz wifi. If you are unable to use your debit or credit card for payments on PS5, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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