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How to connect & use Xbox Controller to Windows 11 PC?

Microsoft has revealed a brand new edition of its operating system Windows 11, specifically catered to fulfill gaming needs. Armed with powerful features like DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and better Xbox app functionality a feature which was first seen in Xbox Series X and S consoles that reduces the loading times and uses the same driver technology. And comes with a sleek-looking design with an aero glass look, similar to Windows 7. Unlike its console counterpart Xbox series, Windows always lacked the controller support and had to be manually installed in order to use Xbox Controller. That was until Windows 11 launched and introduced many interesting features along with keeping everything from Windows 10 like and that includes the controller support also that lets you connect your Xbox controller seamlessly. Here’s our guide on how to connect & use Xbox Controller to Windows 11 PC.

How to connect & use Xbox Controller to Windows 11 PC?


Set up a Bluetooth dongle

In order to use your Xbox controller on your Windows 11, you have to install a Bluetooth adapter or dongle. All you have to do is plug it in your spare USB port to power it up. Also, make sure that you carefully follow all the necessary instructions and see if it requires extra installation. After successfully setting it up, it should work as intended and will actively search for other Bluetooth devices to connect with.

Power up controller

This step works for every controller regardless of whether it’s Xbox 360, One, Series X, Series S, or Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 controller. First things first, make sure that your controller is fully charged battery pack or batteries to power it. Once your controller is powered up, it’s time to begin synching, Every controller has a sync button, with the Xbox controller having a small round button present in the back of the pad placed in between shoulder buttons or Playstation ones being the PS button in the center of the controller. Users need to press and hold the button to sync and it’ll start connecting with Bluetooth devices.

Pairing it with a Bluetooth device

Now that you’ve taken care of the Bluetooth dongle and powered up your controller, and your controller actively searching for a connection. It’s time to pair them up. head to Windows 11 settings and type Bluetooth in the search bar. You’ll come across a page that refers to “Bluetooth and other devices”, click on the plus button labeled “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

How to connect & use Xbox Controller to Windows 11 PC?

After clicking on the button, it will fetch a list of different devices option. Press the Bluetooth button and it will begin its search for available devices, such as your Xbox controller. After a few seconds, your controller will show up on Windows 11 Bluetooth menu. Select the controller and it will pair with the PC.

Now you can easily play PC games on your Windows 11 PC with your Xbox controller connected.



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