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How to get Porsche GT3 RS Forza Edition in Forza Horizon (FH) 5

Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t hold back when it comes to adding tons of content into the game, ranging from various events, festivals, and lastly new exclusive cars. The game includes many cars from various licensed manufacturers including the popular “Porsche”. In the previous Forza series, we got to see new models making a debut in the game such as Porsche Macan Rally Raid (2018), and Taycan Turbo S (2020) in FH 4 and 5. Fans are wondering the newer model Porsche GT3 RS Forza Edition has been included in the new Forza game and turns out there is one, and we’ll guide you on how to obtain this rare ride in Forza Horizon 5 and the perks it has over other exotic vehicles.

Forza horizon 5 Porsche GT3 RS Forza Edition

Porsche cars in Forza Horizon games

Forza series has introduced several new models of Porsche’s cars in their games including the popular 2003 Carrera GT, Cayman series, Turbo series, and other standalone cars. Over 28 cars of Porsche models are carried into the Forza franchise and Porsche GT3 RS Forza Edition is also included in the latest game. Check out below for more information on how to obtain them in the latest Forza game.

How to obtain Porsche GT3 RS FE in Forza Horizon 5?

A lot of players don’t know that this vehicle exists in the game and is one of the best rare cars that you can have in the game. This car is best for a stunt skill boost that’ll let you earn points by performing stunts and is very effective at certain glitches present in the game like barrel glitch or executing stunt skills in general. You can earn plenty of points by leveraging the barrel glitch as this car has a six-time multiplier. To unlock this car in FH5, go to car collection, and head to Porsche and you’ll see it in the list as a prize unlock car.

Forza horizon 5 Porsche GT3 RS Forza Edition

If by the off chance, you don’t see it here, then you have to most likely unlock it from the auction house or other events. It is also recommended to get that car from the auction house if you see it there as it’s very difficult to unlock in the game. You’ll have to actively search for it from time to time if you want to acquire this car in-game in the auction house and if you’re lucky, you’ll likely come across one, so be on the lookout for it and snag it the moment you see it.


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