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Star Trek Infinite Screen Freezing, Not Responding Issue: Is there any fix yet

Many players grew up watching ‘Star Trek; The Original Series’ and loved characters like Jim Kirk, Scotty, and Spock. Star Trek Infinite scratches the itch of many Star Trek fans for a serious strategy game in line with the franchise’s roots. If you have always wanted to act like Spock or Kirk, this is your chance. In this game, you can take control of one of four races and explore a vast and grand galaxy with strategy and planning.

Since the game was recently launched, it is expected to have bugs and glitches that the developers have to address. Of these issues, the one that many players have complained about the most is an issue where the game stops responding entirely. Due to this, the in-game screen freezes, and players are forced to press Alt+F4 to exit the game. So, considering the fact that this is a game-breaking issue, here are some workarounds for you to try.

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Star Trek Infinite Screen Freezing, Not Responding Issue: Is there any fix yet?

While the developers are yet to acknowledge the issue, as of now, some effective solutions have been shared by many players. These workarounds have been known to fix this issue sometimes, although not for the majority of those affected. Still, they are worth a shot.

1). Try playing on any mode other than Fullscreen

While this might sound unrelated, this method has worked for many players affected by this issue. Whenever the game stops responding, it either crashes or you are forced to restart the game. Ensuring that you run the game in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode solves this issue almost entirely. If you head over to the Settings menu of the game’s launcher and set the Display Mode to Borderless Fullscreen or Windowed mode, you can enjoy the game fully without worrying about it crashing or not responding. If you want the full-screen experience, we recommend selecting the borderless fullscreen option since it mirrors fullscreen exactly but the game does not crash.

2). Disable your Antivirus

There are also some reports of antivirus programs causing the game to stop working. In case this is happening to you as well, you might want to disable the antivirus program and then check if the game is working as intended. Well, if you don’t want to disable the antivirus program, you can create an exception for this game in your Antivirus program so that it doesn’t interfere with the game’s functioning.

While neither of these workarounds are ideal for the experience you want from this game, they will allow you to play, at least for now. It offers a huge and expansive single-player experience. It also has multiplayer that you can take advantage of. If you really like this game, a little waiting will do you good. Since there are multiple reports of this error troubling players, we are sure that the developers will take note soon and release a fix accordingly. However, there is no official confirmation of the same, so take this information with a pinch of salt. Well, now you know how to fix the game freezing and not responding issues in Star Trek Infinite. For more such interesting guides, make sure to visit VabSaga daily.


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