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What does Angel Race do in Blox Fruits? (Update 20)

Blox Fruits is a game within Roblox. This game is inspired by the One Piece anime. Similar to the devil fruits in One Piece, Blox fruits offer players power-ups and abilities. Hence, it is very popular in the Roblox community. Since there are different races for players to spawn as, and those depend on luck, it is time we share some information on what one of the races does in-game, namely the Angel Race. So, if you are wondering the same, continue reading.

Recently, Blox Fruits received the latest Update 20. This update is filled with many new abilities and content. Players in the game can go from island to island, searching for weapons and fruits. Players are also able to select the factions they want to be part of, namely Marines and Pirates. However, the races are an important part of the game. So, getting to know a race well also becomes important. In this article, we will discuss the Angel Race in Blox Fruits.

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What does Angel Race do in Blox Fruits? (Update 20)


The Angel Race is one of the initial races that the player can spawn as in Blox Fruits. You only have a 12.5% chance of obtaining it. Hence, getting this race requires quite a bit of luck. So, before knowing what this race does, you should know how to get it in-game.

How to get the Angel Race

It requires a blend of luck and choice to get this rare race. Initially, players have a 12.5% chance to get spawned with this race. However, you can switch your character’s race later in the game. Also, during this change of race, your chances increase to 25%. There are several methods to switch races. You can buy Race Reroll from Tort for 3000 Fragments, or from the in-game store for 90 Roblux. Also, several events in Blox Fruits have Race Reroll as a reward.

What does the Angel Race do?

The Angel Race is known for its Jumping abilities and interesting skills. So, they enhance mobility and defense. It goes along with certain playstyles. Also, Blox Fruits offers evolutions for every race. These evolutions provide you with new abilities, buffs, and visuals.

  • Angel Race V1 allows the players to have white wings. It also gives them the ability to jump slightly higher.
  • Angel Race V2 makes your first air jump higher. Also, the Air jump increases by 1. Well, energy consumption is reduced by 20%.
  • Angel Race V3 gives you bigger wings. It also gives an ability to Heavenly Blood, which gives +15% defense, heals 20% max health, and around 10% max energy for 6.5 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Angel Race V4 makes the wings appear bigger, and the character receives another set of wings. Also, players get a halo above them. In addition to that, it also unlocks abilities like Ancient Powers, Prince of the Skies, and King’s Rule based on the gear used.

That is everything you need to know about the Angel Race in Blox Fruits. We hope that this article was informative to you. For more such articles and updates, visit VabSaga daily. Read More: Is Roblox Shutting Down in 2023?


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